Safe Touch-Free Access Control

Don’t Touch That Door. In these pandemic times, the health and safety of all is a top concern. Health experts suggest reducing common touch points as a way to prevent spread illness. FaceKey’s Safe Touch-Free Access System will reduce the need to touch doors, keypads, door handles and cards to gain access.

Safety of customers and employees, is now the first priority for every organization.

Surfaces such as door knobs and the door itself are potential health hazards.  Health experts suggest reducing common touch points to prevent the spread of illnesses.  Safe Touch-Free Access Control System reduces the need to touch door knobs or doors.

The Safe Touch-Free Access Control System is recommended for swing doors.  A face recognition unit to open the door can be either an indoor or outdoor face recognition reader.  Sensors will open the door to exit.

The System runs on the network. Each unit is TCP/IP addressable and has a unique MAC address.  Software manages the face templates.

Touch-free Access Control system

Equipped with a tested face recognition reader and the appropriate hardware, any door can be accessed without a touch without forgoing secure identification. The door opening is fully automatic, hands-free and touch-free. The genuine identification of the person adds a superior level of safety to the system.

The Touch-Free face recognition reader, identifies the person at a safe distance of 3 to 4 feet in any lighting and environmental conditions. The door will open automatically without touch. To exit, the motion detector will open the door without touch.

Upgrading to the Safe Touch-Free Access Control System is one step any organization can take that will help reduce spread of the virus. Without the need to make contact with those common touch points to enter, it creates a more hygienic workplace for everyone. The Safe Touch-Free Access Control System is an economical, easy method for any organization seeking to reduce this health hazard, which with its secure identification and touch-free technology can accommodate
any size organization.

Face Recognition Reader (FRR): The design permits the FRR to operate in one, two or three factor mode. Each unit is TCP/IP addressable and has a unique MAC address visible on the internet.

Software: FaceKey’s Software automatically synchronizes all FRR devices with the network and manages the face templates. If the network fails, the units will continue to operate and collect data which will be uploaded when communication with the network is reestablished.

Scalable: The FaceKey Software database supports an unlimited number of devices and users. Each reader can accommodate up to1500 faces in the 1: many mode. Call FaceKey for larger capacity readers.

Benefits and Features

• Easy installation.
• Connects directly to local area network.
• Red and green status indicators.
• 2.8” TFT display.
• Face recognition.
• Keypad (Lighted).
• Doorbell.
• Professional access control features
o 50 Time zones.
o 10 Unlock combinations.
o 5 Groups.
o Anti-pass back.
o Tamper switch.
o Alarm output.
o Door sensor input.
o Exit request input.
o Doorbell button.
• Holiday schedule.
• Acknowledgment of acceptance: LED indicator, display indication and voice reply.
• Auxiliary input.

Technical Specifications

• Identification (Fingerprint)
o Time <=0.8s
o FAR <=0.0001%
o FRR <=1%
• Identification (Face)
o Time <=3s
• Transaction Capacity:
o Event Log 100,000 events
o Faces. “see Scalable”
• Connectivity: TCP/IP, RS485 Wiegand output/input (26 or 34 bit standard)
• Dimensions: 7.4 (L) X 3.3 (W) X 2.5 (D) in.
• Voltage input: 12 VDC (power supply not included)
• Indoor use only
• Temperature range: 32°◦ 113°F (0°-45°C)

Facial Recognition Access Control for biometric access control solutions

FaceKey’s biometric access control system which uses face and finger are indisputable identifiers.  What’s more, they can’t be lost, stolen, borrowed, or left at home.

Schedule a Free demo via GoToMeeting today.  Prevent theft. Control visitors. Prevent unauthorized access.  Prevent dishonest person using stolen or borrowed card.