My children attend a daycare facility that utilizes FaceKey technology for front end access control and daily registration. This device is used when we drop off and pick up our children. We really appreciate this added level of security.

T.J. Jacobs

Parent - Country Kids Academy
The FaceKey customer service and support is exemplary. They are friendly, knowledgeable, professional, and committed to providing you with in-depth answers.

Patsy Secula

Office Manager - Lyssy and Eckel Inc.
The functionality of the product itself is unbeatable! In fact, the system operates by itself. It is like a fire-and-forget missile system.

Gregory Hudson

CEO - Genesis Concepts
Ken Keller
We are enjoying to use FaceKey’s face recognition based access control system for about three years. System is incredibly reliable, very simple to use and it saves our money. We recommend everybody to use FaceKey access control product.

Ken Keller

CTO of Payment Data Systems

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