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We know that business owners and facility managers believe their card access and other security systems are good enough even though the cards, keys and PINS are expensive and cannot identify anyone. So, we have created face and fingerprint security systems that can identify anyone to help millions of business owners that can rely on cards, keys and PINS for security. By use of face and fingerprint access control they can reduce the overall system cost and free resources to grow their companies.

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Foolproof biometric access reduces facility protection costs and increase safety by validating and authenticating visitors and employees. The key to achieving access control is absolute identification of authorized users. This means using biometrics which is the only identification method that “cements” a user’s credentials to a person.


Do you want to make sure that only authorized persons access customer information?
Banks are tasked with staff and customer safety, the security and confidentiality of customers’ personal information and to ensure compliance with the federal Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act.


Do you need to ensure that dangerous chemicals and drugs are kept from bad actors?
Pharmaceutical manufacturers and distributors have multiple security concerns. Access control has become a key tool for protecting the assets of the pharmaceutical industry as it grows more complex because of external threats.


Is the security you have in place enough to protect your students and staff?
Schools and colleges of all types and sizes are subject to security risks caused by unauthorized access. With the most feared risk being the “active shooter”.
Data Centers

Data Centers

Are your servers, work stations and cages vulnerable to unauthorized access?
Keeping the bad guys from physically accessing servers is critical. Data center design continues to evolve requiring significant levels of security and audit trails to protect their facilities and the data.

Manufacturing Plants

Do you want to reduce costs and be more profitable?
FaceKey’s Access Control, Time and Attendance, and Visitor System form a strong combination that assist manufacturing plants to save money and operate more efficiently. The Systems are suitable for small or enterprise industrial companies.


Do you need to protect your organization from back office theft and fraud?
Employee theft and fraud is a significant source of loss and fraud for casinos and gaming. Back office operations involving cash and other valuables are at the greatest risk.

OEM Opportunities

Do you want FaceKey to help you increase your sales?
FaceKey customers use biometric recognition technology to strength their security products, enhance the identification level of their security systems, advance their self-serve products, and develop other applications.
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FaceKey's family of Security Access Control, Time and Attendance Systems, and Muster Stations are Reliable and Efficient.

Our advanced fingerprint or facial recognition access control products reliably identify authorized personnel so that you can efficiently restrict areas to specific employees, automate the payroll process to prevent errors and “buddy punching”, and instantly identify missing personnel in emergencies.


Floresville Electric Light and Power System deployed FaceKey’s EntryGuard Access Control System, which utilizes fingerprints and proximity cards for identification, to increase accountability amongst employees, discourage theft at its equipment yard and increase security for their Floresville, TX facility.


Lyssy & Eckel, Inc. deployed FaceKey’s EntryGuard Biometric Time and Attendance System which utilizes fingerprints for identification to automate, track and manage employee time and attendance, resulting in a reduction in the administrative time needed to collect employee time, manually calculate employee time and manually input data into the payroll system.


Face recognition, one of the most popular biometric methods, has been under continuous and intense research for the last 50 years.

The value of the FaceKey family of access control products.

FaceKey, we’ve provided superior business security and access control solutions since 1999. Headquartered in San Antonio, our company has pioneered and patented a family of biometric products and solutions that utilize face recognition or fingerprints for identification.

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