EntryGuard Face Fingerprint Professional Station FKFP Pro 2Time and attendance systems are essential to the profitability of many businesses. FaceKey systems are composed of software and time clocks which use face and fingerprints to identify authorized users when they clock in. When a user clocks in, their name, the time and location of the clock are recorded.

The first line benefit is that the cost of Buddy punching is prevented. Because the clocks rely on the face or fingerprints of users, one employee cannot clock in for another employee. For example, if Mr. Doe is running late and asks his friend, Mr. Smith to check him in so he won’t be counted late, Mr. Smith will be unable to clock in Mr. Doe.

Buddy punching costs can significantly harm the bottom line of your business. If enough of your employees are involved in buddy punching, additionally projects and work will not be completed in a timely fashion and damage your net profit,

FaceKey time and attendance systems record attendance, manage labor tracking tasks such as vacation, sick days, other data-based tasks that organizations use to pay employees and determine future staffing needs. The systems replace costly labor-intensive manual processes that can lead to human error, poor data collection, and delays in tracking and processing. At FaceKey, our advanced time and attendance systems in combination with software features optimize the process and easily track complex data.

About FaceKey Time and Attendance Systems

FaceKey time and attendance systems accurately and consistently track the hours and days when employees are at their work location. The systems collect data about each employee individually and the organization as a whole. Some of the tasks time and attendance systems help with include the following:

  • Tracking time worked by individual employees to provide fair compensation.
  • Tracking adherence to team schedules and generating data for the creation of future team work schedules.
  • Performing compliance-related tasks such as controlling accidental overtime, ensuring workers take mandated breaks, and otherwise adhering to applicable fair labor regulations.
  • Tracking sick leave
  • Tracking vacation

Time and attendance systems help companies stay in compliance with the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). FLSA sets rules for non-exempt employee wages and acceptable hours worked per shift, day, and week. Breaking local, state, or federal regulations can result in heavy penalties. Failure to comply and failure to accurately track wages can also lead to lawsuits, back payments, and future penalties.

With the right time and attendance system, an organizations will have the accurate data needed to create better compliance practices and make better strategic decisions.

Benefits of FaceKey Time & Attendance Systems

FaceKey is the right time and attendance system to support your current compliance and payroll efforts. Some of the key benefits are:

  • Accurate Time Tracking: Because smart systems track when individuals clock in and out of a location during breaks or between shifts, they significantly reduce or eliminate both time theft and inaccurate reporting.
  • Automation: Smart systems can automatically track employees to prevent the occurrence of accidental failure to sign in and out.
  • Accurate Payroll: For businesses that pay employees at an hourly rate, accurate time reporting is essential for paying employees fairly and correctly. Automated systems that feed into payroll logs and software eliminate the risk of data input errors and other human errors. This helps save your payroll and finance teams’ time in ensuring employees are paid fairly, but only for the time they actually worked.
  • Flexibility: Modern time and attendance systems such as those from FaceKey can use geofencing and global positioning system (GPS) technology for easy, seamless sign-in and sign-out processes.
  • Historical Data: Companies can collect time and attendance data to make strategic hiring and scheduling decisions based on past records.

Software Features

At FaceKey, our time and attendance systems include software with the following features:

  • Biometrics: We use face and fingerprints to clock in on the time clocks to make sure that every employees work data is correct. And, to make sure that no one clocks in for another person. This provides ease of use for employees, real-time data for the organization, and no risk of error or time theft.
  • Real-time reporting capabilities: The data is collected and transmitted in real time for up-to-date data analytics.
  • Personalized views: Because the data is collected with each individual’s face or fingerprints, employers and employees can see personalized reports for employees’ past shifts and performance.
  • Tools for work schedule management: Our software allows employers to input different work shifts, assign workers to different shifts, and easily manage changes to staff, work schedules, and future shift needs.
  • Software integrations: Our systems can integrate with major payroll and finance platforms for easy payroll task completion and financial tracking.

Get Your Next Time & Attendance System from FaceKey

Buddy punching is time theft and can significantly damage your company’s net profit. The bottom line of your business can benefit from FaceKey’s smart time and attendance systems that prevent data theft, buddy punching, accurate attendance logs, and payroll integration.

Schedule a free demo of our systems to see how your organization can realize a return on your investment in less than a year. You can also contact us to learn more about our products or request a quote for pricing details.

EntryGuard™ system does everything but make coffee.

In addition to cutting operating costs and ensuring accurate work time, our Time and Attendance software includes business rules, scheduling, and report functions. Payroll data can be exported to the payroll system.

And time clocks can be located at multiple locations (using TCP/IP). This feature is also available in a face and fingerprint version.