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3 Reason to Move to Biometrics in 2019

3 Reason to Move to Biometrics in 2019

Biometric Access Control of 2019 has many advantages over card systems and now FaceKey’s system can be purchased at lower costs than in previous years. FaceKey uses fingerprint and face recognition to ensure that a person seeking entry isn’t using a stolen or borrowed card.

#1: Accountability. FaceKey Access Control creates an electronic audit trail by recording the name of the user, location of the reader and the time the event happened. In the event of a security breach you will know who is responsible.

#2: Reduce costs and eliminate fraud and waste. FaceKey systems are installed quickly and require minimal training. Issuing expensive cards will be history. People forget passwords, cards are lost creating a huge nuisance and a possible breach. Ongoing expenses will be reduced.

#3: Return on Investment. It’s true that the actual cost of card readers and cards are relatively inexpensive, but the annual cost of replacing cards may run hundreds or even thousands of dollars per year. And installation requires long cable runs and a lot of labor.

Conversely, the total cost of ownership (TCO) of FaceKey Access Control is far less because there are no recurring costs. There are no “consumables” ( Furthermore, the initial cost of FaceKey’s basic biometric system typically will be less than the cost of a card reader system. With a biometric system, remembering codes, passwords or issuing cards will be in the past.

For more information about how FaceKey biometric access control products can help you and your business give me a call at 210-826-8811 or email us at

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