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Biometrics a great option for security in workplace.

Biometrics a great option for security in workplace.

Security managers are tasked with keeping their facility safe by relying upon technology and strong policies and procedures but the 75% of employees complained about having to carry a card or fob to open doors. They didn’t like carrying more than one card or fob for different things; the credential didn’t always work; sometimes it took too long or was difficult to use and so on.

Users are most interested in ease of use and reliability from their current access control system. Security takes a back seat with employees. Security managers would like to provide the convenience users want, but their existing card based access control systems pose a significant security risk which opens up their organization to potential breaches.

Convenience and reliability are integral to FaceKey’s access control products which use fingerprint or face recognition since there is nothing to carry around and the technology can be adapted to other tasks such as time and attendance.

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