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Customer Service Makes the Difference

Michael LongMichael Long likes FaceKey face recognition and support.

FaceKey is doing what it takes to make a difference for every customer.   That difference, customer service, for large and small customers will truly change the benefits you receive from the FaceKey products.   To be a great success, a system requires not just the best technologies and products, but also the best of service and support.

No more call centers.   A real live person will take your call or talk to your integrator during planning or installation and when something happens.   A person that knows your system very well.   Just this week a new customer noted: “While we had a small project (two units) we were made to feel as if we had a really large project in terms of the attention we received.   They were always there with the right answer each and every time they were needed.”

FaceKey’s dedicated team wants to make sure that our biometric systems using fingerprints and/or faces for identification provide the level of security promised and relieves you of the worries and inconveniences common to a typical system and their related costs.

FaceKey manufactures three security products:   access control, time and attendance and muster systems.   The products use biometrics, i.e. faces or fingerprints for ultimate identification.