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FaceKey Delivers Security and Piece of Mind

In 2005 San Antonio Technology Center turned to one of their newest tenants, FaceKey Corporation, to provide their biometric access control which uses fingerprint recognition, for general access into the building and to SATC ’s Co-Location Room. SATC recently upgraded to FaceKey’s 3rd generation AC-06 model for their front doors, but is still using FaceKey’s first generation AC -01 on t heir Co – Location Room. The technology is durable and reliable and SATC has no reason to change.

Ms. Cathy D. Hernandez, SATC Building Manager, manages and monitors FaceKey ’s access control system. Ms. Hernandez notes, “The FaceKey system provides the building with a level of security that is greatly appreciated by management and the tenants.   In the event we need to know when someone entered the building, we always have a record that is easy to retrieve.   The support we receive is world class.