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Biometrics Applications Institute Seal of Approval awarded to FaceKey!

Biometrics Applications Institute Seal of Approval awarded to FaceKey!

We are so excited and proud to announce that
FaceKey Corporation

was awarded the

 Seal of Approval

on our line of fingerprint and facial recognition scanners
based on the proper and unique use of biometric technologies.

The goals of the Biometrics Applications Institute are:

• To gain a broad-spectrum understanding of the applications of biometric technologies.
• To discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the applications of biometric technologies.
• To analyze and review the applications of biometric technologies.
• To present a BAI Seal of Approval for the proper and/or unique use of biometric technologies.


At FaceKey, we’ve provided superior business security and access control solutions since 1999. Headquartered in San Antonio, our company has pioneered and patented a family of biometric products and solutions that utilize face recognition or fingerprints for identification. From small businesses to global enterprises, FaceKey’s family of products have a proven record with employee time and attendance tracking as well as asset protection and crisis management.

FaceKey security systems include access control, time and attendance and muster stations.
Security, safety, cost efficiency and crisis management are as important for FaceKey as they are for your business. So, we design and build products that work so well we use them for our own company. That means you can count on security solutions that provide for a safe workplace, efficient business operations and a viable emergency
evacuation plan.

Biometric access control solutions that deliver what they promise.
Early in the evolution of biometric security—and before FaceKey’s time—there were numerous challenges to
overcome: flaws in technology, installation difficulties—in short, growing pains. Today, FaceKey brings you a wide
variety of proven fingerprint and face recognition solutions that are easy to install and ready for immediate use.

Ideal biometric products for both your present and future security needs.
All FaceKey products operate on common networks employing common industry protocols. With a suite of core software and shared databases, all units can operate in a mix/match fashion. Installation costs are significantly reduced and training is minimal. With this fully integrated system, new features and applications can be easily added to already installed security devices.

There’s nothing we like better than saving our customers time and money.
From the beginning, FaceKey products enhance your company’s safety, security and efficiency. Then, as
your needs grow, your FaceKey solutions can grow along with you. Your initial investment remains protected—
so you won’t have to start over to expand your company’s employee time and attendance, access control, or
muster station.