FKFP-AC-PRO2 Access Control

Your Face is your Key

Access Control or Time Clock Version Available

Users of the EntryGuardTM Face & Fingerprint unit (PRO2) can clock in/out at work or access the facilities. Three Factor ID is Available: The design permits the PRO2 to operate in one, two or three factor mode. The PRO2 has five ID methods which affords 19 ID combinations. The ID methods are: face, fingerprint, PIN, password or card reader. The ID methods can be presented in any order.

The FaceKeyTM Face & Fingerprint Professional unit can function as a standalone device or multiple units can be connected over a network. Each unit is TCP/IP addressable and has a unique MAC address visible on the internet. The FKFP-AC PRO2 when used for access control is a full featured access control device; see “Benefits and Features”. The EntryGuardTM FKFP PRO2 unit is available with a RFID card reader (Generic or Mifare).  The PRO2 when used as a time clock has the same features except the unit does not unlock doors.

Software: The FaceKeyTM Shepherd or EntryGuardTM Management Software automatically synchronizes all FaceKey EntryGuardTM devices with the network and manages the face and fingerprint templates. If the network fails, the units will continue to operate and collect data which will be uploaded when communication with the network is reestablished. The EntryGuardTM Time and Attendance Management Software provides business rules and reports for time and attendance. Software is sold separately.

Scalable: The FaceKeyTM Management Software database supports an unlimited number of devices and users. Each PRO2 unit can accommodate up to 2000 fingerprint templates and 1500 faces in 1:many mode. In 1:1 mode, the PRO2 can accommodate 4000 fingerprints templates and 4000 face templates. Call FaceKey for units with additional templates.

FaceKeyTM Corporation

900 NE Loop 410, Suite D401

San Antonio, TX 78209



Standard FKFP-PRO2 model and part nos. Contact FaceKey

for special order products. (Optional WIFI Available)

Description Model # Part #

Standard FKFP-PRO2 8033152

Generic Card FKFP-PRO2+EM 8033153

Mifare Card FKFP-PRO2+MIL 8033155


Benefits and Features:

  • Easy installation
  • Connects directly to local area network.
  • Red and green status indicators.
  • 2.8” touch screen (TFT) display.
  • Optical fingerprint reader with cover.
  • Auto correction contrast & brightness.
  • Face recognition.
  • Fingerprint recognition.
  • Keypad.
  • Door bell.
  • Three factor ID: (19 ID combinations)
  • o Face+fingerprint+card (example).
  • Professional access control features
  • 50 Time zones.
  • 10 Unlock combinations.
  • 5 Groups.
  • Anti-pass back.
  • Tamper switch.
  • Alarm output.
  • Door sensor input.
  • Exit request input.
  • Door bell button.
  • Holiday schedule.
  • Acknowledgment of acceptance: LED
  • indicator, display indication and voice reply.
  • Auxiliary input.
  • Technical Specifications:
  • Identification (Fingerprint)
  • Time: <=0.8s
  • FAR: <=0.0001%
  • FRR: <=1%
  • Identification (Face)
  • Time <=3s
  • Transaction Capacity:
  • Event Log 100,000 events
  • Faces “see Scalable”
  • Fingerprints “see Scalable”
  • Connectivity: TCP/IP, WIFI, RS485 Wiegand
  • output (26 or 34 bit standard)
  • Dimensions: 7.4 (L) X 3.3 (W) X 2.5 (D) in.
  • Voltage input: 12 VDC (power supply not
  • included)
  • Indoor use only
  • Temperature range: 32°◦ 113°F (0°-45°C)

Technical Specifications:

  • Identification (Fingerprint)
    -Time: <=0.8s
    -FAR: <=0.0001%
    -FRR: <=1%
  • Identification (Face)
    -Time <=3s
  • Transaction Capacity:
    -Event Log 100,000 events
    -Faces “see Scalable”
    -Fingerprints “see Scalable”
  • Connectivity: TCP/IP, WIFI, RS232/485
    Wiegand output (26 or 34 bit standard)
  • Dimensions: 7.5 (L) X 3.5 (W) X 3.5 (D) in.
  • Voltage input: 12 VDC (not supply included)
  • Indoor use only
  • Temperature range: 32°◦ 113°F (0°-45°C)


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