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The FaceKey access control systems use biometrics, fingerprint and face recognition, to validate authorized users.  Users can be employees, visitors, or vendors to name a few.  Each of these persons can be restricted to which doors, cabinets or racks which they can access.

Features of interest to data center security:

  • Biometric Identification:  FaceKey utilizes fingerprint and face recognition for identification.  The accuracy and reliability of our identification technology cannot be matched by any card based access control system.
  • Cost:  Because of its design, the System is far more economical than card based systems.  The System runs on the network which reduces cable runs and labor cost.  Additionally, no panels or cards are required.
  • Two-Factor authentication:  Biometric identification is the standard for access to sensitive areas.  If two-factor ID is desired, the second factor can be another biometric or a card reader can be imbedded.
  • Turnstiles and Mantraps: Typically used to prevent piggybacking, FaceKey access control readers accommodate both technologies.
  • Anti-passback:  The anti-passback prevents the exit of a person from an area where that person has piggybacked into a controlled area without using the access control system.
  • Audit Trails:  Each time a user is recognized by a reader, there is an electronic record made of the name of the person, the location of the reader and the time the event occurred.

Please contact FaceKey at 210-826-8811 or via to discuss strengthening your security program.

Biometrics are the only way to ensure that unauthorized persons using traditional credentials, i.e. cards or keypads, do not access your facilities.  Biometric identification exceeds the performance of traditional credentials in accuracy, installation cost, training, and maintenance and of course identification. The design of the FaceKey Integrated Security Access Control System provides long term, low maintenance, cost reducing solutions that meet regulatory standards.

To address budget concerns, the FaceKey Integrated Security Access Control System runs on your existing network and can be connected wirelessly. Panels and cards are not needed.  The System is managed from a central location and branches can add or delete users. Rekeying costs will be eliminated. An electronic log is saved each time a user utilizes the reader.  Little training is needed.

FaceKey integrated security access control and time and attendance systems protect facility, staff, visitors and assets with the lowest possible total cost of ownership.  The systems are designed to run on your networks with no annual license fees and a two year warranty.     

Please contact FaceKey at 210-826-8811 or via to discuss strengthening your security program.

FaceKey benefits and features for data centers:

Easily managed hierarchical access areas:  The FaceKey Solution provides zones controlled by biometric fingerprint or face recognition readers.  This system prevents unauthorized access to any area.

Identification technology:  The identity technology of your access control is key to your physical security.  Our access control system utilizes the ultimate identification – biometrics:  fingerprint and face recognition.  Doors:  It is common for external doors of office buildings, manufacturing plants and warehouses to have access control.  Other critical assets such as labs and data centers are also high-profile targets. Laboratories, animal research facilities, and clean rooms require stringent access control.

  • Gates:  Reader controlled motorized gates or barriers arms may be used to restrict unauthorized vehicles from gaining access to the site.
  • Two man rule:  FaceKey can ensure that where the presence of two or more persons is required, fraud or collusion will not occur.
  • Encryption:  All data store or exchange will be encryption to ensure that profiles or data is not compromised during transmission.
  • Muster control:  FaceKey’s Muster system integrated with access control will provide a real time list of missing persons.
  • Time and Attendance:  When integrated with access control, time and attendance will ensure the accuracy of work time and prevent buddy punching and “ghost employees”.
  • Visitors:  Visitor management can be integrated with the access control system reducing the need for escorts in the building.
  • Audit trails:  A searchable electronic record is logged each for each event.
  • Biometrics:  Biometrics are the only way to be certain that unauthorized persons using traditional credentials/cards do not access your time clocks or facilities.  When compared with biometric identification, the traditional credential falls short in every category:  accuracy, installation cost, training, maintenance, and convenience.  In addition, the design of the FaceKey Systems allow for long trouble free service which comply which regulatory needs and at the same time reduce your security costs.

FaceKey access control, time and attendance systems, and muster system will protect facility, staff, visitors and assets with the lowest possible total cost of ownership.  There are no annual license fees and a two year warranty.   

Please contact FaceKey at 210-826-8811 or via to discuss strengthening your security program.


  • External doors
  • Internal doors
  • Server rooms
  • Work stations
  • Cages
  • Turnstiles and mantraps
  • Elevators
  • Gates
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