Security Integrators looking to reduce costs of access control projects, FaceKey offers its Smart Access Control System. Using fingerprints and faces for ID, project set-up can begin in your office in parallel with installation. We can show you how to experience reduced costs up to 35%.

FaceKey’s Smart Access Control Software will reduce the costs to plan, run cables, install the software and hardware, and train the customer. That is a long list and errors, damages, and poor communication at any step will add cost and reduce the profits from the project.

Planning for each access control project covers installation of the software, setup of IP addresses, configuration of hardware, installation of the readers, training, and enrollment of users, each in sequence.

Now, with the FaceKey Smart Access Control System which runs on the network, project set-up can begin in your office in parallel with installation. Enrollment of users, assignment of PINs or passwords and, assignment of user privileges can begin. The Smart System can import spreadsheets with user information and create user records. Training on the system can take as little as half a day.

Once the access control readers are in place and connected to the network work, data required for each door, such as user records and assigned privileges can be downloaded to the readers at each door. Now the system is complete and ready for use.

With the combo of features in the FaceKey Smart Access Control System:

  1. Running on the network,
  2. Less cable,
  3. Fewer man hours and
  4. “No cards used” when face or fingerprints are used to ID users, your customer will have convenience and more security.

Let FaceKey quote your next access control project and experience reduced dealer costs up to 35% and increased profitability.

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