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Transparent Fingerprint Reader

Transparent Fingerprint Reader

Entry Guard Biometric Access Control AC 200 frontBreaking news! JDI (Japan Display Inc.) announced its first fingerprint reader. JDI is a well-known liquid crystal displays (LCD) technology company that has joint ventures with companies like Sony Corporation, Toshiba, Hitachi, INCJ, etc. Fingerprint Reader is actually something that has been in Access Control System security for some time now. FaceKey has a number of products that work with fingerprint reader like described above, AC-200 Access Control, AC-300 Access Control, AC-SF3 Access Control, Biometric Waterproof Mobile Reader (TA-HH) Time Clock and much more. That being said, JDI has developed a transparent glass-based capacitive fingerprint sensor by applying the company’s capacitive multi-touch technology used in its other LCD products.

The sensor was unveiled January 23, 2018, measures 8 x 8mm (160 x 160px, 508dpi) and should start shipping commercially by March next year.

Entry Guard Biometric Access Control ACJDI’s glass-based capacitive fingerprint sensor applies the basic touch functionality technology that is integrated in its in-cell Pixel EyesTM displays which has been used in smartphone and digital camera applications. With Pixel EyesTM, the touch functionality is integrated into the glass substrate by detecting the changes in capacitance that occur when a finger touches the LCD surface. The glass substrate identifies the area touched by the finger through the detection of the changes in capacitance. This could mean a revolution in the fingerprint technology used in cellphones, security equipment, and other products like our own. JDI wants to enter the sensor business arena in preparation for the era of highly developed security. But for the meantime, we will just have to wait and see how the public reacts to this technology.


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