Under the vision and direction of President Terry Ottinger, United Security Alliance (usasolutions.com) has created comprehensive turnkey programs nationwide that have withstood the test of time since 1985.  Based in Tampa, FL, Terry is a believer in training for personnel, using the best technology, to provide  a turnkey solution that includes design, installation, service, and support.  

Why Terry likes Biometrics for Access Control and Time & Attendance

“Biometrics are without question, the most secure solution for access control and the most accurate for time and attendance .  Unlike traditional card-based systems, biometrics (fingers and faces) cannot be shared, duplicated, lost, stolen, or left somewhere else. This relieves the burden of card management which often plagues management and human resources, which is both costly and time consuming.”

Posted by Annette H. Starkweather on 16th April, 2014.