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“Be Better” after the Pandemic

“Be Better” after the Pandemic

As we begin the new year we are hopeful that the worst is behind us. FaceKey resolves that we will provide you products that are cost effective and will keep you safe. We will provide you with access control products that will accurately ID authorized persons and prevent others from entering. Our TimeKeeper System will tally up the hours that workers worked and will do it quickly without clerical errors, more cost effective than a clerical person can do.

Those of you with card readers, and the constant card management problems, in a few minutes, you can replace your card readers with face or fingerprint readers without changing your system and throw away the cursed cards. The cards are expensive into perpetuity and cannot ID anyone.

FaceKey expects that 2021 will be unpredictable with a lot of unknowns. Peace of mind may be elusive. We cannot fix every problem, but our products can make your workplace safer and possibly reduce disease and the workload with our touch-free products.

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