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Security going forward

Security going forward

Finally, there is light at the end of the 2020 tunnel as promising COVID-19 vaccines become available.  Some of us have worked at home, some of us have risked our lives to help others and some of us were not sure what we should do to keep our families safe.  Others worked at their regular job.  And, now we begin to think about where we have been and what  are the lessons learned.  How do our organizations thrive going forward?

  1. Our organizations will be different. We will be Zooming frequently for a long time to come. We are getting better at it.
  2. Working remote. Many of us are still working from home while we take care of family and home school children.  Some of us will not return to our old jobs.
  3. Customers reevaluating their security program. Top of mind is the need to keep employees save so they can keep the business open and keep people working.

Security providers and users are looking at new ways to be safe and secure.  Preventing disease will be top of mind for employers which will demand touch-free access control.  The need to know who accesses facilities will be critical and employers will seek to identify employees and visitors that may be ill which will increase use of temperature reading products and face and fingerprint access control systems.

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