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Can Your Company Recover from a Data Breach

Can Your Company Recover from a Data Breach

Biometic Based Access Control is the First Line of Defense in Cybersecurity. Consider Face or Fingerprint Recognition in Your Plan of “How to Control Who & When Key Areas Can be Accessed”.

A data breach, which happens when someone gets unauthorized access to your data can be life threatening to your business. According to the technology research firm Comparitech, the value of each stolen data is around $148 and thousands of documents are lost.

Surprisingly, disgruntled employees are the cause of 25% of data breaches according to a 2017 Verizon report. While it is difficut to detect these internal breaches and threats, it doesn’t mean they cannot cause harm that is substantial and lasting.

FaceKey offers access control systems that use genuine identification such as fingerprint and face recognition, powerful tools to help prevent insider breaches by disgruntled employees. The FaceKey systems make sure that only authorized employees can access facilities and sensitive areas such as document storage and server rooms and always makes an electronic record when an area is accessed. In addition, the systems make it easy to change areas or doors or cabinets an employee is allowed to access or to quickly delete an employee across the entire system.

For many organizations, the likelihood of a data breach from an employee can be significantly reduced with the adoption of a biometric based access control system when combined with a thoughful plan of who and when can access key areas. FaceKey systems are suitable for new installs or replacement for card readers in existing systems. The systems run on the network and are competitively priced.

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Annette Starkweather
Vp of Operations & Business Development