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Help Food Manufacturing Plants Be Secure

Help Food Manufacturing Plants Be Secure


In 2011 the US officially recognized the importance of protecting its food supply from intention tampering or adulteration. Access control is the first line of defense in reducing the risk of intentional adulteration and is a major component within a sound facility security plan for food manufacturers.

FaceKey knows that many of the manufacturing facilities have access control systems which use cards, keys, or PINS that cannot identify anyone. Because of the inherent security risk of these common form of access control systems, owners and managers cannot be assured that their facilities are sufficiently secure.

Biometric technologies such as face and fingerprint recognition used in the FaceKey access control systems offer a viable solution based on characteristics which cannot be copied, lost, stolen or shared. Upon presentation of their face or fingerprint, the system can differentiate between authorized and unauthorized users, and grant access accordingly.

The accuracy of the systems approaches 100% and it takes less than 1 second to identify a person and can be used in plants of up to 50,000 persons. The systems enable facility managers to keep electronic track of employees and visitors, such as vendors, entering and exiting the facility and can know who is present should food adulteration occur.

Because of the design of the access control system, training and maintenance, prerequisites for sound security, have a short training period. Furthermore, the FaceKey products run on the network and require less materials and labor to install. Cards, keys and PINS are not required.

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