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FaceKey and Choice Partners Helps the Harris County DoE

FaceKey and Choice Partners Helps the Harris County DoE

Harris County Department of Education decided to make purchasing even easier for its members.  Combining all contract procurement services for facilities, food, supplies and services the newly formed CHOICE PARTNERS will make it easier for client members to access the contracts they need.  Of course, FaceKey is an important vendor member, and offers its products and services to the former Choice Facility Partners, the HCDE Purchasing Cooperative and the Gulf Coast Food Co-op.

This past Friday, CHOICE PARTNERS had a vendor fair for its members.  Members were there to see the latest in everything from pencils to school buses, form software to professional services…and EVERYTHING in between!  Yevgeny and Annette manned the booth, and in addition to making new contacts, had a great time at the western-themed event.  They had a chance to visit with some old friends and customers, and gave away an leather iPad case, emblazened with the FaceKey ‘Felix’ mascot (see at right).

The Harris County initiative essentially connects schools, universities, municipalities, counties, and other agencies, and allows them to simplify their procurement procedures by using contracts available through Choice Partners.  Contracts are awarded based on quality, quantity, reputation and references, pricing, ability to work with governmental agenices,and other factors.  The HCDE has been in existence for 120+ years and is a governmental entity with taxing authority.  HCDE’s mission is to ensure school success, improve systems and to save time and money.

felix-facekeyFaceKey is proud to be a Choice Partners Awarded Contract Holder.