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FaceKey Marketplace Creates Geekdom Check-in

Thanks to a summer internship by Trinity University student Ralph Minderhoud, FaceKey Corporation created a unique and convenient method for Geekdom members to check in and let other members know they are present.  By utlizing FaceKey’s FKFP-Pro facial recognition and fingerprint scan device coupled with the FaceKey Marketplace application, Geekdom members simply walk up to the device, present their credentials (their face) andBEEP, they appear on the Geekdom check-in board!

“Geekdom’s mission is to provide an environment for like-minded people to explore ideas in entrepreneurship, technology, leadership, and creativity.  It is critical that members have access to each other, and the check-in board is a big part of our collaborative effort.”  says Nick Longo, Director of Geekdom.

“The previous check in method was cumbersome.” says Geekdom Events Coordinator, Jeremy Koester.  “Members had to log in to their profile page or to their Foursquare account, and most were not doing that.  Now all we do is walk by the device and we’re checked in.”

The same FaceKey technology is being beta-tested by coffee shops and retailers to allow business owners to know who is in their establishment in real-time.  This helps them create a better customer service experience, and provide analytical business reports for the creation of deals and customer coupons. Customers voluntarily enroll, and benefit by enhanced customer service (the clerks know their name and recognize their picture/face) and allow them  to post check-ins to Foursquare, Facebook or Twitter.

“In the past year, we have built visitor systems, muster systems, and mobile biometric information readers.  The FaceKey Marketplace effort gives us a platform to build new applications for biometric technologies, but always from the perspective of personal security, and with a ‘trusted community’ approach.” says Yevgeny Levitov, President of FaceKey Corporation.  “We are very excited that the developers’ and coders’ communities see the merit of our products.  We are very proud of our Geekdom collaboration.”