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FaceKey Face Recognition Can Only Open Doors.

FaceKey Face Recognition Can Only Open Doors.

On May 14, 2019, San Francisco banned the use of facial recognition technology by police and other governmental agencies.  The San Francisco police does not presently use facial recognition technology.

FaceKey products do not have face recognition technology that can help law enforcement search databases of faces collected with or without the consent of the person.

The product line for FaceKey is access control and time and attendance systems which utilize fingerprint and face recognition for identification. 

None of the FaceKey products can collect a face without the person’s consent.  All of the FaceKey products that offer facial recognition for identification utilize a database which is built when our customer (end user) authorizes the enrollment of a person.  During that enrollment, the camera in the product takes a photo of the authorized person which in turn the software converts into a numerical code called a template.  From that moment on, the face cannot be seen.  Not even FaceKey can reconstruct that photo.  The database of the face is encrypted and all transmissions of data are encrypted.

Unlike the face recognition products used by law enforcement or other agencies, the FaceKey product cannot build its databases without the person’s consent; the privacy of the template – the collected face – is assured; and the accuracy of identification is 100 percent. In summary, (1) the design of the collection and enrollment of the faces are authorized by the product’s owner; (2) the subsequent encryption of the facial data and the transmission of the data guarantees the privacy of the person; and (3) FaceKey promises 100 percent accuracy to prevent the false positives often experienced by law enforcement with the facial recognition products they are using.

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