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Do You Know Your Risk When You Sell a Card Access Control System?

Do You Know Your Risk When You Sell a Card Access Control System?

Have you heard the stories about people hacking their card-based access control systems?  The tool that can do this can be purchased on many websites including eBay for as little as $10.00 including shipping.

FaceKey bought one and yes it really works.  The entire process only took less than 5 seconds and was easy to do.  We were not able to tell the difference in the original and the copy.  What is the risk to the installer now that they know about the card copier?

Risk:  The risk is that people can make a copy of a legitimate card and gain access with a card that has no signs to show it is a duplicate.  

Which cards are at risk:  Tools similar to the one we purchased can copy 125kHz card types, but it cannot copy the 13.56MHZ “Smartcard” formats such HID iClass or DESFire/MIFARE versions because the 13.56 MHz formats have been encrypted.  Most 125kHz formats are not encrypted.  However, there are more expensive card copiers available which can copy more complex formats, and even some 13.56MHz cards.  So, using 13.56 MHz smartcards is no sure guarantee the format has not been hacked.

In 2018, IPVM surveyed a number of installers, who noted that they still preferred the 125kHz types despite the security risks.  There are still millions of these cards in use today.

SO, WHAT CREDENTIAL CANNOT BE COPIED?  FaceKey’s Access Control Systems use a biometric, fingerprint or face recognition as a credential which cannot be copied and used by another person to gain access.

RISK TO THE INSTALLER COMPANY:  What is the risk to the installer that knows that the access cards can easily be copied, but continues to provide the cards to their customers? FaceKey believes it is the obligation of the installer to inform the end user about the risk?

Recently, a prominent Texas installer was in our office discussing such a matter.  His concern had escalated because he has recently been informed about the card copier and apprised of the risk.

FACEKEY WOULD LIKE TO QUOTE YOUR NEXT ACCESS CONTROL JOB.  The access control system will not have a credential risk and will be easier to install and use. Our web page is  We can be reached at 210-8268811, or by email at