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FaceKey is the Leader of Access Control Products in 2020!

FaceKey is the Leader of Access Control Products in 2020!

FaceKey is the leader of the most reliable and accurate access control systems on the market today. We deliver the key requirement of security, genuine identification. Our access control readers provide reliable and accurate identification, i.e. fingerprint and face recognition, to determine who is allowed to enter or exit. The systems run on the network reducing the amount of materials and labor. FaceKey products have been and will be dependable for many years as supported by our warranty of two years, the longest warranty of the market.

Here is what we are about:

We are about performance that exceeds expectations: FaceKey’s expertise is built on the knowledge, experience and competence of its people. Our access control systems have the lowest problematic service record, the most accurate identification technology, are easy to use and are competitively priced. The systems exceed expectations.

We are about extraordinary customer support: We promise support 24/7. But, because of product reliability, support is rarely needed. Training takes a half day and is available via GoToMeeting or in our office. Consider, can your supplier help you on Sunday afternoon if you need help?

We are about the best identification technology: FaceKey’s access control systems are equipped with the best fingerprint and face recognition technology known today. Cards are not allowed because outdated card technology cannot assure identity of the individual.

As more accurate fingerprint and/or face recognition technology or another better identification technology becomes available, the FaceKey access control systems will be updated. Future access control systems will continue to meet our high standards and achieve our highest performance levels to ensure that our customers’ facilities remain secure.

For further information, give me a call:

Annette Starkweather
FaceKey Corporation