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The COVID-19-TOUCH-FREE Access Control Solution

The COVID-19-TOUCH-FREE Access Control Solution

Our face recognition access control systems enable touch-free access to safe rooms, for people with things in their hands, even dirty hands and sometimes just for convenience.  In addition, touch-free face readers enable safe and healthy access to hospitals, quarantine zones and any where there are concerns about COVID-19.

As this pandemic lingers, keeping infected and healthy people safe from the spread of the virus is a priority. FaceKey’s face recognition readers are reliable, dependable, and have been tested over time.

Current evidence suggests that the COVID-1 virus may remain viable for hours to days on surfaces made from a variety of materials. The FaceKey face recognition access control system is the perfect system to reduce or prevent the virus from being on surfaces such as doorknobs.  And, the touch-free reader can open and control exits and entrances without touch and be in regulatory compliance.      

FaceKey is available to work with you or your security to design and provide an access control system with face recognition or fingerprint readers that will serve your long term security needs.

We can be reached at 210-8268811, or by email at