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FaceKey Products are “GREEN”

FaceKey Products are “GREEN”

What does it take to be “GREEN”?  Depending upon whom you talk to about the issue of GREEN, you could get a different list of what it takes to be considered GREEN. Like others, we have our own idea on the issue. Our major focus is on how FaceKey can build products that help our customers be good stewards of energy and materials, i.e. be “GREEN”.  And, why do we think our products are GREEN?

FaceKey’s believes it is a good steward because: (a) Its products uses faces or fingerprints for identification and does not require cards which cannot provide ID, but require energy and materials to manufacture and eventually land in garbage dumps. (b) When not in use, the FaceKey products go to sleep and do not use energy; and, when the units are in use they have minimal power usage. (c) The access control units can retrofit existing third party systems with a minimum of replacement parts and materials. (d) The systems operate on the common network to reduce cabling runs.

Clearly there is a trend to “GREEN” products that minimize the use of energy and materials.  GREEN is the future and has big rewards for all of us, not only will there be a reduction in the use of energy and materials and other waste, society can expect to reap health benefits from cleaner water and cleaner air.

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