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What are the Security Trends at the Door?

What are the Security Trends at the Door?

Would you agree that the foundation of effective physical security begins with focusing on access control at the entrance to the facility?

There is always the balance between convenience and security.  In the past the easier access control was to use, the less secure.  And, the less convenient systems were the most secure.  Convenience is very prominent factor nowadays.

Trending today is the quest to have access control products that cost less to install and manage.  That means less labor and materials and for maximum benefit, no cards to issue and manage.  Typically, products that run on the network will require minimum cable and labor.  In addition where feasible, projects using Wi-Fi can be a great cost reducer.

And, what about the common credential card, what level of security is that at the door?  It is well known that access cards can be lost, stolen, forgotten, or even copied.  Biometrics combined with high –level encryption is almost impossible to fake.

In summary, access control products that are convenient, economical to install and operate along with biometrics for identification are the big three trends to assure solid physical security at the door.

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