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FaceKey Products Will Protect Evidence for Law Enforcement

FaceKey recognizes that law enforcement has issues providing security and safety  for evidence collected at crime scenes. Evidence has been known to be missing when there is a trial. A recent Google search turned up more than 300 million responses to the query about evidence.  To help out law enforment, FaceKey’s new product, EVIDENCE LOCKER, will help ensure that evidence is availabe for […]

FaceKey Complies with GREEN Directive, RoHS

FaceKey wants its customers to know that its products meet the green directive which is often referred to as the lead-free directive, RoHS. Our product line restricts the use of the six hazardous substances noted in the directive commonly referred to as the Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive or RoHS. The purpose of RoHS is to solve the […]

FaceKey Products are “GREEN”

What does it take to be “GREEN”?  Depending upon whom you talk to about the issue of GREEN, you could get a different list of what it takes to be considered GREEN. Like others, we have our own idea on the issue. Our major focus is on how FaceKey can build products that help our […]

Who’s Calling for Support

A quick review of FaceKey’s calls for support proved our suspicions correct.   The typical caller for support has forgotten how to perform a procedure and doesn’t want to look it up in the manual.   Or, the person calling hasn’t attended a training class.   With this information in hand, FaceKey is looking at […]

FaceKey MusterGuard System Introduced at Offshore Technology Conference

Marine Rescue Technologies (MRT) will present the FaceKey MusterGuard product at the Offshore Technology Conference at   Reliant Center in Houston, TX, next week, May 2 through May 5.   The product can be seen at booth number 6201, Monday thru Wednesday between 9:00 AM and 5:30 PM and Thursday 9:00 AM and 2:00 PM. […]

NIX Pharmacy and Other Sensitive Areas Protected by Fingerprint Access Control to Reduce Rekeying Expense

Today, FaceKey completed the training on how to enroll fingerprintswith Nix Hospital in San Antonio. It is a fact of life that while it is quick and easy to enroll a person’s fingerprint, the enrollment needs to done carefully.  Everyone enrolled at this point is able to use the system easily with one touch of their fingerprint.  A […]

SECURITY REP GROUP’S John Caglione sells FaceKey products to customers in Haiti

John Cag is a well know and respected security guru with a long history of working with integrators in Haiti.  As Haiti recovers and rebuilds its infrastructure, John believed that FaceKey’s family of security access control and  time and attendance systems were best suited to the job.  The products which utilize face and/or fingerprint recognition in place of the common card were […]

FaceKey Trains Nix Hospital on New Version of Enrollment Fingerprint Reader

FaceKey provided Nix Hospital in San Antonio with its latest and most sensitive fingeprint enrollment reader for their fingerprint based biometric access control system which is being used to protect certain of its pharmacies and drug cabinets.  The new reader solves a few issues that Nix was experiencing with the enrollment process.  The new reader is “self […]

FaceKey Delivers Security and Piece of Mind

In 2005 San Antonio Technology Center turned to one of their newest tenants, FaceKey Corporation, to provide their biometric access control which uses fingerprint recognition, for general access into the building and to SATC ’s Co-Location Room. SATC recently upgraded to FaceKey’s 3rd generation AC-06 model for their front doors, but is still using FaceKey’s […]