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“Come and Make It – In Texas ™”…South Central Texas Manufacturing Trade Show & Conference is 4 weeks away!!

The upcoming 19th Annual South-Central Texas Manufacturing Trade Show and Conference will be held on May 8th at the Freeman Coliseum Exposition Hall 10AM-5PM (Bexar County Community Arenas Hall B). Facekey will be a sponsor for the social hour held at 4:00PM! (BOOTH 425) Security systems with access control, finger and face recognition technology will […]

ESA Summit 2019

ESA Leadership Summit 2019

The ESA 2019 Leadership Summit in Austin has come and gone. This year the interest in FaceKey’s fingerprint and face recognition access control products attracted far more interest than in previous years. Many of the integrators we interviewed exposed interest in simplified training, reduced usage of materials and labor required to install access control systems. […]

FaceKey’s 2019 catalog is available.

FaceKey’s 2019 catalog is available at  Click on the big red button on the right side of the home page.  In the catalog, you can find info about the company, system drawings, product overviews and a cut sheet for each product.  And in the back is a few references. If you have a question […]

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3 Reason to Move to Biometrics in 2019

Biometric Access Control of 2019 has many advantages over card systems and now FaceKey’s system can be purchased at lower costs than in previous years. FaceKey uses fingerprint and face recognition to ensure that a person seeking entry isn’t using a stolen or borrowed card. #1: Accountability. FaceKey Access Control creates an electronic audit trail […]

Facekey at the ESA Leadership Summit 2019

The Electronic Security Association Leadership Summit 2019 is an executive-level conference gathers the best minds in the electronic security and life safety industry to share best practices and techniques, lend advice, push each other to be better — and move the industry forward. This Leadership Summit is tailored to industry executives from companies of any size […]


Facekey at the 2018 San Antonio Entrepreneurship Week (SAEW)

FaceKey will participate at the 2018 San Antonio Entrepreneurship Week (SAEW). The SAEW is about highlighting the entrepreneurs and the businesses that are creating positive changes in San Antonio community. SAEW is a celebration highlighting entrepreneurs and the businesses that are creating positive changes and economic development in San Antonio community. Through a 6 day showcase of […]

Biometrics a great option for security in workplace.

Biometrics a great option for security in workplace.

Security managers are tasked with keeping their facility safe by relying upon technology and strong policies and procedures but the 75% of employees complained about having to carry a card or fob to open doors. They didn’t like carrying more than one card or fob for different things; the credential didn’t always work; sometimes it […]

It’s HAPPENING IN 10 WEEKS – The Alarmax Expo 2018

Please visit with FaceKey at The Alarmax Expo 2018, November 29 between 10:00 am and 4:00 pm.  Alarmax is at 11915 Starcrest Drive, San Antonio, TX.  Rex has lined up food trucks, prizes, and drinks. Come and see what we can do for you. FaceKey is committed to helping integrators and dealers increase their margins […]

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Today, Increase Profitability for Access Control Projects.

Security Integrators looking to reduce costs of access control projects, FaceKey offers its Smart Access Control System. Using fingerprints and faces for ID, project set-up can begin in your office in parallel with installation. We can show you how to experience reduced costs up to 35%. FaceKey’s Smart Access Control Software will reduce the costs […]